Making work Easier Faster Smarter

From simple quoting to complex billing and inventory management, we’ve got the solutions to keep your business rolling.

Work Easier

QuoteBuilder on Apple

Customize your Workflow

QuoteBuilder is a web-based application responsively designed specifically for the entertainment industries so that you can work across all your devices, allowing you to save time and money while also alleviating the stress and frustration of managing quotes and invoices for any size business whether you do sales, rentals, services… or all of them!

Build a Quote

Building a quote in Word or Excel can take hours or even days. With QuoteBuilder, once your products and services are saved, it’s an easy process to build quotes.​

Send an Invoice

Simply turn your quote into an invoice with the click of a button. Need to make adjustments before it’s approved? No problem! Editing the invoice is just as easy as building the quote.​

Get Paid

Don’t want to wait for a check? Our seamless integration with Stripe allows your customers to process payments using a bank account or credit card right through the invoice in their inbox.​

Work Faster

Use only what you need

QuoteBuilder is much more than just about writing quotes, it’s a unified business management solution that helps you support your customers and run your company more efficiently. 

And while most existing products on the market feel dated or over engineered, QuoteBuilder is designed so that you can use only the features you need and not be forced to navigate through those you don’t.

Here’s some of our most popular features that are helping independent professionals and businesses alike!

Work Smarter

Pay Only for what you USE

We feature flexible pricing plans meaning you can upgrade or downgrade at any time to match your current business needs. Hiatus coming up or taking an extended vacation? Save your hard earned money and have a mai tai on us!


$ 30
  • 1 User
  • 0-5 Invoices
  • Unlimited Quotes
  • Rentals Module
  • Sales Module
  • Proposals Module
  • Credit Card Processing


$ 100
  • 2-5 Users
  • 6-20 Invoices
  • All Solo Features
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Inventory Management
  • Returns Management
  • Order Fulfillment


$ 400
  • 6-10 Users
  • 21-100 Invoices
  • All Standard Features
  • Demos Module
  • L&D Invoicing
  • Barcoding
  • Multi Warehouse


  • 11+ Users
  • 101-500 Invoices
  • All Team Features
  • Personalized Training
  • Dedicated Support
  • The Kitchen Sink
  • Much More!