Choose your plan

What’s the difference between Basic and Plus plans? The number of invoices you send!


How does pricing work?

It may seem a little confusing but it’s actually quite simple!  Pricing is based on the number of users in your account and how many invoices you’ll be sending each month.

What is an Account?

An account represents your company.

What is a user?

A user is a person that will be have access to your account and will be working with you; ie business partner, employees, coworkers, etc.

Do unused invoices Roll Over?

They do not but that is why you have the option to upgrade or downgrade your plan!

What are these different features?

That’s a really hard question to answer in this little blurb so hop on over to our Features page for a more in-depth explanation of each.

How do I create an account?

Simply click the Try for Free buttons you see anywhere on our site and you’ll be redirected to our sign up page to create your account and start your free trial.  Please note that if you’re an Enterprise level customer, you’ll need to contact our sales team.

When will I get charged?

Once your trial has ended, you’ll be asked to enter you credit card information to continue using the service.  Your card will then be charged and that will be your billing date going forward.  For example, if your trial ends and you enter your credit card on the 18th of the month, your billing date going forward will be the 18th each month.

What Customers Say

It's like the Fisher-Price of Sales & Rental Software. Simple, easy to use, yet not boring either!
Steven Strong
CEO, Quasar Science
I like the fact you can make a quote, send an invoice or check your inventory anytime, anywhere.
Cristian Calen
Owner, Relevant Equipment Rentals